• Cryptocurrencies 11210
  • Dominance BTC 44.79% ETH 17.77%
  • Market Cap $1,230,768,234,842
  • 24h Volume $76,912,172,521

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Market BitRss: Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

The worldwide cryptocurrency market cap today is $1.23T, which is 0.65% up in the last 24 hours. The total crypto trading volume in the last 24 hours is $76.91B. Bitcoin dominance is at 44.79% and Ethereum dominance is at 17.77%. Market BitRss is now showing 11210 cryptocurrencies market data.

#NamePriceMarket CapAvailable SupplyVolume (24H)Change (24H)
N/APatron PAT$0.003118$00 PAT$11,061 1.72%
N/APeak Finance PEAK$12.45$00 PEAK$119 0%
N/APeakmines PEAK PEAK$0.002911$00 PEAK$5 0%
N/APeak Token PKTK$0.0534$00 PKTK$274 1.26%
N/APearl Finance PEARL$7.37$00 PEARL$12,473 1.42%
N/APeerEx Network PERX$0.0000001005$00 PERX$660 50.03%
N/APeet DeFi PTE$0.0180$00 PTE$0 9.45%
N/APegasus $PGS$0.0000209300$00 $PGS$3 0%
N/APegasys PSYS$0.0298$00 PSYS$4,744 1.57%
N/APegazus Finance PEG$0.0000000003$00 PEG$0 0.37%
N/APELE Network PELE$0.0000638900$00 PELE$95 0%
N/APembrock PEM$0.0347$00 PEM$1,065 0.49%
N/APencil DAO PENCIL$0.0435$00 PENCIL$21 1.55%
N/APendulum PEN$0.185$00 PEN$17,526 6.89%
N/APenguin Karts PGK$0.00075006$00 PGK$7 0.72%
N/APenny Token PENNY$0.0000000189$00 PENNY$0 0%
N/APenrose Finance PEN$0.00030228$00 PEN$32 1.55%
N/APension Plan PP$0.0000011000$00 PP$892 0%
N/APeople's Punk DDDD$0.00021870$00 DDDD$2 0%
N/APeoplez LEZ$0.0583$00 LEZ$2,155 1.39%
N/ApEOS PEOS$0.0000557500$00 PEOS$0 2.56%
N/APEPE.bet PEPEBET$0.001230$00 PEPEBET$10,079 15.92%
N/APepe CEO PEO$0.0662$00 PEO$11,166 2.28%
N/APepeSol PEPE$0.0000445400$00 PEPE$4,833 8.91%
N/APerfect World PFW$0.0000000000$00 PFW$6 0%
N/APERL.eco PERL$0.0371$00 PERL$4498.74K 3.2%
N/APhotoChromic PHCR$0.0000744600$00 PHCR$1,266 1.33%
N/APhotonSwap PHOTON$0.00028758$00 PHOTON$146 2.69%
N/APHUNK Vault (NFTX) PHUNK$321.50$00 PHUNK$923 0.2%
N/APhysis PHY$0.0314$00 PHY$429 2.47%
N/APIAS PIAS$0.0233$00 PIAS$507.72K 11.05%
N/APICK PICK$0.0000016000$00 PICK$1 0%
N/APiConnect PICO$0.001073$00 PICO$86 1.02%
N/APige Inu PINU$0.0000000000$00 PINU$262 1.9%
N/APigeoncoin PGN$0.0000035400$00 PGN$7 1.16%
N/APig Finance PIG$0.0000000187$00 PIG$48,123 0.96%
N/APiggy PIGGY$0.00026538$00 PIGGY$11,284 0.76%
N/APiggyBank PIGGY$0.0000000007$00 PIGGY$21 0%
N/APiggy Finance PIGGY$0.301$00 PIGGY$1 0%
N/APiggy Share PSHARE$0.0831$00 PSHARE$1 0%
N/APIGS AFP$74.36$00 AFP$139.38K 2.37%
N/AMetaland Shares MLS$0.613$00 MLS$881.97K 1.33%
N/APilot PTD$0.001131$00 PTD$88 2.55%
N/APi Network DeFi PINETWORKDEFI$0.0000325500$00 PINETWORKDEFI$268 2.66%
N/APi Network PI$39.23$00 PI$348.27K 1.16%
N/APine World PWLC$0.141$00 PWLC$917 11.39%
N/APink BNB PNB$0.0000000412$00 PNB$37,207 2.79%
N/APinkie Inu PINKIE$0.0000000982$00 PINKIE$24,336 11.7%
N/APink Panda PINKPANDA$0.0000000003$00 PINKPANDA$0 0%
N/APinkPea.Finance PEA$0.003896$00 PEA$4 1.25%

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