• Cryptocurrencies 11210
  • Dominance BTC 44.83% ETH 17.75%
  • Market Cap $1,228,974,850,097
  • 24h Volume $76,484,658,644

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Market BitRss: Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

The worldwide cryptocurrency market cap today is $1.23T, which is 0.5% up in the last 24 hours. The total crypto trading volume in the last 24 hours is $76.48B. Bitcoin dominance is at 44.83% and Ethereum dominance is at 17.75%. Market BitRss is now showing 11210 cryptocurrencies market data.

#NamePriceMarket CapAvailable SupplyVolume (24H)Change (24H)
3751Barter BRTR$0.001411$1,104783.38K BRTR$1 3.68%
3752Bacon Coin BACON$0.0000810900$1,03712.79M BACON$59 1.04%
3753Fabric FAB$0.0000058000$781134.86M FAB$7,544 37.39%
3754YodeSwap YODE$0.0197$78139,201 YODE$4,410 3.92%
3755Spice Trade SPICE$0.00047168$6881457.68K SPICE$36 0%
3756WorldCoin WDC$0.0277$51018,450 WDC$3,485 17.89%
3757PeerGuess GUESS$0.0000083700$49559.14M GUESS$0 0.41%
3758WGMI WGMI$0.0000005032$392778.65M WGMI$0 0%
3759Leonidas Token LEONIDAS$0.0000040000$26265.50M LEONIDAS$0 0.25%
3760Soluna SLNA$0.0000032600$13039.91M SLNA$0 0%
3761Speed Mining Service SMS$0.220$95433 SMS$0 0%
3762FastSwap FAST$0.00043293$66151.72K FAST$8,253 8.59%
3763Naxar NAXAR$0.0000016500$2816.68M NAXAR$16 24.8%
3764Equalizer EQZ$0.0458$25502 EQZ$472.83K 37.69%
3765Kitty Solana KITTY$0.0000000412$17419.93M KITTY$58 3.52%
3766Graft Blockchain GRFT$0.0000000087$141.60B GRFT$0 0%
3767TERA TERA$0.0000000031$2721.79M TERA$0 0%
3768HaloDAO RNBW$0.0000000605$234.06M RNBW$21 5.87%
3769Artery ARTR$0.003057$1404 ARTR$26,967 7.18%
3770Onespace 1SP$0.0000011700$11000.00K 1SP$4,481 4.21%
3771SOLACE SOLACE$0.002426$1404 SOLACE$0 1.41%
3772Kermit Finance KERMIT$0.0000000920$17500.00K KERMIT$1 97.51%
3773FrogeX FROGEX$0.0000004514$0411 FROGEX$143 0.13%
3774Mainstream For The Underground MFTU$0.0000000000$0788.69M MFTU$27 40.05%
3775VersoView VVT$0.0000000000$063.61M VVT$0 0%
N/AGoldeFy GOD$0.001547$00 GOD$9,925 1.43%
N/AMouseWorm MOUSEWORM$0.741$00 MOUSEWORM$20,352 3.84%
N/AUSD Mars USDM$0.516$00 USDM$1,491 1.38%
N/ARabbitSwap RABBIT$0.0000000036$00 RABBIT$33,109 0%
N/AWrapped CRO WCRO$0.0712$00 WCRO$1298.08K 0.81%
N/ArASKO RASKO$0.00017404$00 RASKO$20 3.21%
N/AAiWallet AIWALLET$0.0000780300$00 AIWALLET$6,047 26.59%
N/ADarkShield DKS$0.003017$00 DKS$221.38K 1.28%
N/AOpen Meta Trade OMT$12.36$00 OMT$5,599 7.13%
N/APEPE.bet PEPEBET$0.001231$00 PEPEBET$10,085 15.51%
N/AOPES (Wrapped PE) WPE$1,861.75$00 WPE$37,089 0.43%
N/AMobius Finance MOT$0.003022$00 MOT$11,854 3.49%
N/APi Protocol PIP$0.779$00 PIP$581 4.75%
N/AInery $INR$0.101$00 $INR$516.44K 6.81%
N/ABitTorrent [OLD] BTTOLD$0.0000006334$00 BTTOLD$2873.22K 0.28%
N/AGemie GEM$0.009332$00 GEM$215.60K 8.98%
N/AStarly STARLY$0.0265$00 STARLY$856.11K 8.41%
N/AOne Hundred Million Inu OHMI$0.0262$00 OHMI$891.34K 16.12%
N/AZada ZADA$0.0000002500$00 ZADA$447 2.39%
N/AGrantsville GVILLE$0.0232$00 GVILLE$516 2.9%
N/AReadFi RDF$0.009797$00 RDF$13,842 1.12%
N/AWrapped BNB WBNB$328.56$00 WBNB$59.14M 3.11%
N/AStar Wars Cat SWCAT$0.0000002634$00 SWCAT$2,186 9.47%
N/ANext Earth NXTT$0.00095004$00 NXTT$2,189 0.59%
N/ACOOL Vault (NFTX) COOL$3,250.30$00 COOL$73 4.73%

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