• Cryptocurrencies 11210
  • Dominance BTC 44.79% ETH 17.77%
  • Market Cap $1,230,768,234,842
  • 24h Volume $76,912,172,521

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Market BitRss: Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

The worldwide cryptocurrency market cap today is $1.23T, which is 0.65% up in the last 24 hours. The total crypto trading volume in the last 24 hours is $76.91B. Bitcoin dominance is at 44.79% and Ethereum dominance is at 17.77%. Market BitRss is now showing 11210 cryptocurrencies market data.

#NamePriceMarket CapAvailable SupplyVolume (24H)Change (24H)
3102Sentinel Chain SENC$0.00038395$118.81K309.09M SENC$15,337 0.3%
3104ExchangeCoin EXCC$0.004119$118.62K28.81M EXCC$42,549 2.87%
3103Ownly OWN$0.0000182300$118.59K6.50B OWN$257 4.77%
3105Floki CEO Coin FCC$0.0000019600$118.59K60.43B FCC$1,912 4.99%
3106Roush Fenway Racing Fan Token ROUSH$0.149$118.06K792.11K ROUSH$11,651 0.71%
3107Forefront FF$0.137$117.85K862.38K FF$5,707 0%
3108Robust RBT$3.21$116.87K36,408 RBT$79 1.87%
3109Trava Capital TOD$0.371$116.82K314.88K TOD$100 0%
3110Stacker Ventures STACK$0.214$116.71K546.55K STACK$19 0%
3111RaceX RACEX$0.00015675$116.37K742.06M RACEX$578 1.82%
3112Masari MSR$0.007688$115.90K17.27M MSR$22 1.11%
3113AstroTools ASTRO$0.0437$115.36K2640.30K ASTRO$21,353 0.14%
3114Aavegotchi ALPHA ALPHA$0.005307$115.26K21.63M ALPHA$821 8.97%
3115Silva SILVA$0.0000000001$114.87K1,033.99T SILVA$1,116 6.85%
3116Xiasi Inu XIASI$0.0000000003$114.63K359.92T XIASI$173 3.04%
3117ArGoApp ARGO$0.006496$114.43K17.62M ARGO$41 0%
3118WasabiX WASABI$0.0227$113.82K5019.75K WASABI$197 0%
3119Data Economy Index DATA$18.75$113.75K6,067 DATA$182 0%
3120Hulk Inu HULK$0.0000000215$113.27K5.27T HULK$230 0.59%
3121Skyrim Finance SKYRIM$0.002996$113.13K37.63M SKYRIM$21,316 0.27%
3123Spectrum Protocol SPEC$0.007359$112.72K15.38M SPEC$0 0%
3122Aavegotchi FUD FUD$0.001318$112.21K85.16M FUD$600 9.11%
3125TurtleCoin TRTL$0.0000008085$111.87K138.37B TRTL$0 0.3%
3124Artem ARTEM$0.001481$111.76K75.48M ARTEM$26,256 0.28%
3126APYSwap APYS$0.0114$111.54K9.77M APYS$18,915 4.6%
3127Aircoins AIRX$0.0000134600$111.45K8.28B AIRX$63 1.57%
3128Swing SWING$0.0174$110.65K6345.60K SWING$0 1.02%
3129Remme REM$0.00011621$110.26K0.94B REM$29,878 1.09%
3130BOMB BOMB$0.134$110.21K817.51K BOMB$158.78K 0.82%
3131Doki Doki DOKI$2.20$109.93K49,902 DOKI$7 0.74%
3132SuperBid SUPERBID$0.0141$109.54K7761.34K SUPERBID$16 1.38%
3133MetaGods MGOD$0.007696$108.90K14.13M MGOD$11,633 2.65%
3134Fluffy Coin FLUF$0.00018143$108.86K600.00M FLUF$0 0.22%
3135Rentberry BERRY$0.00036044$108.66K301.47M BERRY$65 13.32%
3136Goldmint MNTP$0.0602$108.56K1800.66K MNTP$278 1.06%
3137Ankaragücü Fan Token ANKA$0.003836$108.17K27.96M ANKA$10,176 1.03%
3138CoverCompared CVR$0.001518$107.81K70.91M CVR$398 5.9%
3139DeVault DVT$0.00019932$107.63K539.97M DVT$20 11.54%
3140Rogue Coin ROGUE$0.002589$107.58K41.65M ROGUE$3 0.11%
3141FlokiBonk FLOBO$0.0000000001$107.27K1,000.00T FLOBO$22 2.51%
3142HedgePay HPAY$0.00088392$106.45K120.42M HPAY$1,141 2.99%
3143Kalissa KALI$0.002455$105.77K43.00M KALI$127 3.6%
3144Alex ALEX$0.0108$105.52K9.73M ALEX$16 0%
3145Chronicum CHRO$0.001068$104.90K98.22M CHRO$93,466 2.06%
3146Jade Currency JADE$0.001785$104.73K58.57M JADE$2,848 1.39%
3147KICK.IO KICK$0.00099233$104.37K105.33M KICK$6,383 7.68%
3148KuramaInu KUNU$0.0000000000$104.22K807,487.74T KUNU$22 0%
3149JPG NFT Index JPG$28.75$104.00K3,613 JPG$104 1.47%
3150Unifund IFUND$0.002954$103.72K35.11M IFUND$93 0%
3151Bitcoin Confidential BC$0.0000108000$103.64K9.60B BC$5 8.74%

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