• Cryptocurrencies 11210
  • Dominance BTC 44.78% ETH 17.77%
  • Market Cap $1,226,925,526,654
  • 24h Volume $77,446,847,582

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Market BitRss: Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

The worldwide cryptocurrency market cap today is $1.23T, which is 0.34% up in the last 24 hours. The total crypto trading volume in the last 24 hours is $77.45B. Bitcoin dominance is at 44.78% and Ethereum dominance is at 17.77%. Market BitRss is now showing 11210 cryptocurrencies market data.

#NamePriceMarket CapAvailable SupplyVolume (24H)Change (24H)
30500x_nodes BIOS$0.0263$137.08K5182.64K BIOS$49 7.27%
3053Zodium ZODI$0.00038381$137.03K357.09M ZODI$4,067 2.34%
3055Datamine FLUX FLUX$0.0903$136.54K1513.25K FLUX$8,638 13.71%
3056Little Angry Bunny v2 LAB-V2$0.0000000000$136.23K450,774,679,568.01T LAB-V2$5,265 0.24%
3054Iteration Syndicate ITS$3.29$136.01K41,400 ITS$19,893 0.58%
3057DAOventures DVD$0.0142$135.35K9.54M DVD$22 1.07%
3058Dynamic Set Dollar DSD$0.0000000713$135.33K1.90T DSD$1,067 68.32%
3059Index Coop - MATIC 2x Flexible Leverage Index MATIC2X-FLI-P$9.68$134.47K13,886 MATIC2X-FLI-P$1 0.73%
3063Levante U.D. Fan Token LEV$0.432$134.04K304.83K LEV$39,770 2.32%
3061Indexed Finance NDX$0.0389$134.04K3446.07K NDX$390 1.78%
3076Mochi Market MOMA$0.003630$133.73K37.02M MOMA$32,769 0.39%
3060dFund DFND$0.00039967$133.59K335.20M DFND$18,538 3.21%
3062Metarun MRUN$0.00043845$133.44K304.50M MRUN$2,982 2.12%
3064ETHA Lend ETHA$0.0168$132.59K7908.03K ETHA$74,024 2.85%
3066MyBit MYB$0.00073489$132.21K180.00M MYB$69 1.96%
3065Investin IVN$0.0448$131.47K2930.00K IVN$134 1.86%
3067Gain DAO GAIN$0.334$131.38K393.02K GAIN$10 0%
3068Fight Of The Ages FOTA$0.0188$130.79K6974.80K FOTA$95,052 1.72%
3069Ghospers Game GHSP$0.003134$130.50K41.65M GHSP$10 2.71%
3070Mars MARS$0.00026664$130.31K488.70M MARS$198 0.15%
3071Azuki AZUKI$0.005108$129.81K25.43M AZUKI$34 2.53%
3072Chi Gas CHI$0.0657$128.88K1961.04K CHI$11 0%
3073CVNX CVNX$0.0104$128.54K12.38M CVNX$1 0%
3074Skull SKULL$0.0134$128.46K9.60M SKULL$3 1.07%
3075aRIA Currency RIA$0.168$128.36K766.36K RIA$19,785 0.26%
3079Team Vitality Fan Token VIT$0.157$128.27K815.90K VIT$9,510 1.27%
3077Creo Engine CREO$0.002137$127.89K59.90M CREO$117.77K 1.68%
3078Chain Wars CWE$0.002857$127.61K44.67M CWE$429 1.71%
3080Royale ROYA$0.003143$127.15K40.47M ROYA$21,773 10.81%
3081Wirtual WIRTUAL$0.0224$126.05K5640.00K WIRTUAL$4,038 0.53%
3082GOGOcoin GOGO$0.007840$125.79K16.05M GOGO$44 0.62%
3083Merge MERGE$0.001559$125.65K80.64M MERGE$2 3.62%
3084Silva SILVA$0.0000000001$125.03K1,033.99T SILVA$1,311 3.36%
3085Baked BAKED$0.001790$124.66K69.80M BAKED$17,056 0.39%
3086Indorse IND$0.002779$124.29K44.73M IND$0 0%
3087Main Street MAINST$0.0000000003$123.71K391.71T MAINST$5 0%
2994Jungle DeFi JFI$0.0616$123.57K1999.57K JFI$1,728 38.8%
3088Playcent PCNT$0.004522$123.40K27.34M PCNT$14,550 0.29%
3089Auctus AUC$0.003464$123.03K35.54M AUC$326 1.8%
3097Structure Finance STF$0.005508$122.68K21.72M STF$42,707 0.49%
3091KennelSphere KENNEL$0.0203$122.23K6021.66K KENNEL$54 3.25%
3104ExchangeCoin EXCC$0.004108$121.99K28.81M EXCC$43,268 3.39%
3090Nucleus Vision NCASH$0.0000419600$121.93K2.90B NCASH$378.47K 0.68%
3092OTCBTC OTB$0.001702$121.90K71.61M OTB$10,963 0.47%
3094Pinkcoin PINK$0.00026136$121.87K465.31M PINK$57 8.37%
3093Ionomy ION$0.003076$121.84K39.61M ION$43 0%
3095CryptoTask CTASK$0.0931$121.67K1308.15K CTASK$19,256 6.74%
3096PinkElon PINKE$0.0000000002$121.60K802.10T PINKE$12 2.83%
3099Masari MSR$0.006974$120.40K17.27M MSR$44 11.89%
3098Movey MOVEY$0.009818$120.29K12.25M MOVEY$7 0.75%

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