• Cryptocurrencies 11210
  • Dominance BTC 44.83% ETH 17.75%
  • Market Cap $1,228,974,850,097
  • 24h Volume $76,484,658,644

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Market BitRss: Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

The worldwide cryptocurrency market cap today is $1.23T, which is 0.5% up in the last 24 hours. The total crypto trading volume in the last 24 hours is $76.48B. Bitcoin dominance is at 44.83% and Ethereum dominance is at 17.75%. Market BitRss is now showing 11210 cryptocurrencies market data.

#NamePriceMarket CapAvailable SupplyVolume (24H)Change (24H)
2100Mad Meerkat ETF METF$1.53$971.86K635.55K METF$1,335 3.42%
2101Ycash YEC$0.0714$968.14K13.55M YEC$355 16.48%
2102ParaState STATE$0.0164$967.21K59.33M STATE$5,647 2.9%
2103Primecoin XPM$0.0376$964.63K25.38M XPM$2,779 0.03%
2104KONDUX KNDX$0.002670$964.10K361.21M KNDX$8,172 7.1%
2105BlackHat Coin BLKC$0.0918$962.53K10.50M BLKC$98,576 5.41%
2106Goons of Balatroon GOB$0.004806$959.45K200.26M GOB$44,419 6.78%
2108Ferma FERMA$0.0872$959.39K11.00M FERMA$107.06K 2.21%
2107Newdex DEX$0.0111$957.95K86.03M DEX$36 2.36%
2109Agave AGVE$34.49$956.29K27,800 AGVE$1,586 0.27%
2110Shirtum SHI$0.005203$954.41K183.62M SHI$126.24K 6.41%
2135Piccolo Inu PINU$0.0000000095$947.85K100.00T PINU$39,250 1.3%
2111Pika PIKA$0.0000000099$947.37K95.87T PIKA$491 1.22%
2112Monsta Infinite MONI$0.0257$946.46K36.87M MONI$193.09K 1.42%
2114Musk Metaverse METAMUSK$0.0000000019$941.32K500.00T METAMUSK$59 0.38%
2115Eco Value Coin EVC$0.00028509$939.74K3.30B EVC$210 49.38%
2116Dapp.com DAPPT$0.00064593$939.72K1.45B DAPPT$13,939 4.41%
2117Valas Finance VALAS$0.00055121$939.38K1.70B VALAS$6,823 9.6%
2118FootballStars FTS$0.0000010200$936.86K0.92T FTS$87 2.69%
2121UpBots UBXN$0.002484$936.06K427.29M UBXN$201 13.75%
2120Wanaka Farm WANA$0.009999$935.15K93.52M WANA$4,930 0.59%
2122NUSA NUSA$14.07$934.01K66,457 NUSA$1,013 4.28%
2123Libra Credit LBA$0.001405$931.49K675.00M LBA$48,518 6.89%
2119S.C. Corinthians Fan Token SCCP$0.340$925.66K2737.84K SCCP$38,471 1.97%
2132Goldcoin GLC$0.0207$922.06K44.57M GLC$1,233 12.51%
2125Froyo Games FROYO$0.003736$920.76K246.68M FROYO$20,586 2.71%
2113Value DeFi VALUE$0.183$920.68K5043.20K VALUE$27,703 3.5%
2124Acquire.Fi ACQ$0.0246$916.90K37.23M ACQ$38,718 4.21%
2127Verox VRX$40.47$915.46K22,639 VRX$38,552 1.89%
2128Sifchain EROWAN$0.00036486$915.16K2.51B EROWAN$2,612 0.05%
2129Omni OMNI$1.48$914.85K618.14K OMNI$101 0%
2130Uniqly UNIQ$0.101$911.65K9.05M UNIQ$22,267 6.85%
2131Phuture PHTR$0.0293$910.36K31.06M PHTR$21,291 7.21%
2133BUILD BUILD$0.0000924500$905.19K9.79B BUILD$872 70.79%
2137Tranche Finance SLICE$0.0519$903.39K17.42M SLICE$15,590 1.24%
2134Mars Ecosystem XMS$0.001420$903.06K636.60M XMS$6,004 2.6%
2142Scream SCREAM$2.07$901.22K435.34K SCREAM$218.99K 1.75%
2136TIA TIA$0.006655$900.88K135.53M TIA$45,040 5.84%
2138Sumokoin SUMO$0.0172$899.14K52.31M SUMO$1,617 0.11%
2140BillionHappiness BHC$17.93$895.39K50,000 BHC$87,854 4.02%
2139Woofy WOOFY$0.008154$895.22K109.91M WOOFY$376 2.32%
21411-UP 1-UP$0.0148$892.72K60.19M 1-UP$1,399 2.17%
2143Oiler OIL$0.0306$891.60K29.18M OIL$15 0.18%
2144Diversified Staked ETH DSETH$1,827.85$887.30K485 DSETH$37,007 0.72%
2145Beach Token BEACH$0.00010660$885.86K8.31B BEACH$1,057 3.56%
2146Run Together RUN$0.0124$884.44K71.55M RUN$298 0.16%
2147Charged Particles IONX$0.0233$882.23K37.96M IONX$42,567 3.45%
2149Konomi Network KONO$0.0240$881.09K36.69M KONO$218.56K 12.8%
2148Acent ACE$0.007353$878.85K119.52M ACE$263.48K 4.9%
2152Trava Finance TRAVA$0.00068139$877.74K1.29B TRAVA$121.65K 0.07%

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