• Cryptocurrencies 11210
  • Dominance BTC 44.78% ETH 17.77%
  • Market Cap $1,226,925,526,654
  • 24h Volume $77,446,847,582

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Market BitRss: Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

The worldwide cryptocurrency market cap today is $1.23T, which is 0.34% up in the last 24 hours. The total crypto trading volume in the last 24 hours is $77.45B. Bitcoin dominance is at 44.78% and Ethereum dominance is at 17.77%. Market BitRss is now showing 11210 cryptocurrencies market data.

#NamePriceMarket CapAvailable SupplyVolume (24H)Change (24H)
1251Socean Staked Sol SCNSOL$24.85$5422.15K218.18K SCNSOL$33,593 1.99%
1252Bytecoin BCN$0.0000293400$5399.38K184.02B BCN$758 1.98%
1256Razor Network RAZOR$0.009825$5353.65K544.09M RAZOR$524.81K 4.23%
1254Atari ATRI$0.003550$5347.57K1.51B ATRI$4,418 6.17%
1255Vires Finance VIRES$2.17$5347.33K2469.67K VIRES$4,629 3.69%
1253BHNetwork BHAT$0.0274$5339.29K194.71M BHAT$79,127 1.87%
1257Lovely Inu finance LOVELY$0.0000000762$5317.07K69.75T LOVELY$1785.62K 1.72%
1261Pleasure Coin NSFW$0.00011912$5316.27K44.65B NSFW$24,314 0.57%
1258LoungeM LZM$0.0925$5315.22K57.47M LZM$497 2.72%
1260XAYA WCHI$0.0922$5310.43K57.61M WCHI$21,912 0.19%
1259CrowdSwap CROWD$0.0562$5305.85K94.40M CROWD$2,485 0.63%
1262StorX SRX$0.0170$5282.43K311.18M SRX$116.25K 2.55%
1263GlobalBoost-Y BSTY$0.242$5278.54K21.78M BSTY$183.96K 5.98%
1264PolyPad POLYPAD$0.004776$5268.44K1.10B POLYPAD$17,238 0.16%
1271Dypius DYP$0.223$5265.43K23.63M DYP$421.42K 3.03%
1265Bankless DAO BANK$0.007977$5256.15K659.58M BANK$2,223 1.69%
1267Tarot TAROT$0.106$5247.50K49.67M TAROT$181.51K 1.36%
1268Doc.com MTC$0.006772$5238.72K773.58M MTC$591 16.41%
1266Vidya VIDYA$0.119$5237.76K43.98M VIDYA$194.18K 3.98%
1270Permission Coin ASK$0.00032104$5203.37K16.17B ASK$12,621 0.52%
1272InsurAce INSUR$0.0841$5192.69K61.76M INSUR$992.32K 2.94%
1275Stader NearX NEARX$2.24$5183.42K2311.59K NEARX$30,767 96.34%
1273FOAM FOAM$0.0146$5175.10K355.36M FOAM$2 6.87%
1281MASQ MASQ$0.337$5172.12K15.06M MASQ$210.01K 2.36%
1269DefiBox BOX$1.98$5171.84K2604.57K BOX$13,625 2.91%
1274Woonkly Power WOOP$0.0123$5161.44K421.07M WOOP$55,127 2.84%
1276Ambire Wallet WALLET$0.0126$5159.44K409.04M WALLET$68,063 0.12%
1277Edgeware EDG$0.00073604$5126.74K6.95B EDG$100.18K 0.4%
1282Polkamarkets POLK$0.0513$5126.09K100.00M POLK$118.31K 3.56%
1279Plian PI$0.005168$5123.43K0.99B PI$23,020 5.2%
1280Bit Game Verse Token BGVT$0.00016482$5119.30K31.05B BGVT$1367.70K 2.81%
1278Solanium SLIM$0.0525$5118.93K97.50M SLIM$642.43K 1.19%
1284Wrapped Ampleforth WAMPL$5.22$5104.85K977.88K WAMPL$9,898 0.6%
1285RocketX exchange RVF$0.0682$5094.76K74.70M RVF$45,517 4.02%
1283azit AZIT$0.192$5092.13K26.57M AZIT$1737.06K 1.5%
1286FlatQube QUBE$1.85$5067.77K2739.53K QUBE$4,390 1.94%
1287Modefi MOD$0.320$5066.51K15.87M MOD$197.68K 8.9%
1288Jarvis Reward JRT$0.0127$5043.91K397.01M JRT$2,480 1.81%
1289Uno Re UNO$0.0667$5037.43K75.54M UNO$396.26K 3.09%
1290Graviton GRAV$0.009444$5029.34K532.26M GRAV$34,923 5.2%
1295Tomb TOMB$0.0162$5001.81K309.22M TOMB$71,828 1.96%
1293StableXSwap STAX$0.252$5001.24K19.85M STAX$6 0.06%
1294STFX STFX$0.0289$5000.81K173.02M STFX$325.53K 0.31%
1299Prism PRISM$0.004991$4990.72K1.00B PRISM$26,719 1.4%
1297NerveNetwork NVT$0.0134$4981.59K372.65M NVT$76 0.7%
1291GM GM$0.0000104300$4981.42K477.67B GM$929.73K 1.08%
1292BTC Standard Hashrate Token BTCST$0.683$4977.77K7287.60K BTCST$42,207 1.78%
1298LABEL Foundation LBL$0.004353$4968.96K1.14B LBL$211.31K 0.22%
1296CarrieVerse CVTX$0.152$4967.99K32.77M CVTX$228.05K 1.08%
1301Crypton CRP$0.631$4962.07K7859.40K CRP$316.57K 0.18%

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