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  • Dominance BTC 50.84% ETH 15.23%
  • Market Cap $2,575,816,195,802
  • 24h Volume $79,982,349,420

Muesliswap (Milkada) Exchange & Trading Pairs Info

Muesliswap (Milkada) Rank #798

0.005532 BTC (24H Trading Volume)

Exchange Overview

Muesliswap (Milkada) exchange 24 hours trading volume is 0.005532 BTC. Muesliswap (Milkada) exchange is established in year 2022 at country Switzerland and secured Rank 798 in the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Live Muesliswap (Milkada) exchange markets data. Stay up to date with the latest crypto trading price movements on Muesliswap (Milkada) exchange. Check our exchange market data and see when there is an opportunity to buy or sell cryptocurrency at best price in the market.

Trust Score


Exchange Name

Muesliswap (Milkada)

Volume (24H)

0.005532 BTC



Established Year


Muesliswap (Milkada) Historical Data Volume Chart

Muesliswap (Milkada) Top Trading Pairs Info

#CryptocurrencyPairPriceVolume (24H)Trust Score
Wrapped Ether Celer0X81ECA.../0XAE835...$3,185.15$114
Wrapped Ether Celer0X81ECA.../0X8D50A...$3,185.15$3
Wrapped Ada0XAE835.../0XB44A9...$0.504$6
Bridged Usdt0X80A16.../0XB44A9...$0.864$7N/A
Wrapped Bitcoin0X6AB6D.../0XAE835...$8,212.70$6N/A
Muesliswap Milk0X386E6.../0XAE835...$1.04$53
Muesliswap Yield Token0X2D728.../0XAE835...$0.006580$191
Usd Coin Celer0X6A2D2.../0XAE835...$1.04$2
Wrapped Fantom Celer0XC3FEC.../0XAE835...$0.751$30
Wrapped Bnb Celer0X7F273.../0XAE835...$589.76$2

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