• Cryptocurrencies 10014
  • Dominance BTC 44.91% ETH 19.36%
  • Market Cap $1,145,096,273,626
  • 24h Volume $30,361,606,336

Top Cryptocurrency Derivative Exchanges

List of top crypto derivatives exchages ranked by open interest and trade volume.
#Exchange24h Open Interest24h VolumePerpetualsFuturesOfficial Website
1 Binance (Futures)317703.65 BTC1028597.2 BTC24920
2 Deepcoin (Derivatives)299712.88 BTC466898.62 BTC760
3 Bybit (Futures)162063.4 BTC207837.4 BTC23932
4 OKX (Futures)113404.37 BTC310955.9 BTC167158
5 Prime XBT97799.12 BTC4951.07 BTC380
6 Bitget Futures97573.99 BTC207913.32 BTC2000
7 BTSE (Futures)77378.21 BTC51301.2 BTC662
8 KuCoin Futures71862.42 BTC55526.87 BTC1951
9 Gate.io (Futures)61732.1 BTC25782.22 BTC3070
10 Deribit51854.01 BTC11465.7 BTC1828
11 Bitmart Futures35803.24 BTC152462.73 BTC1100
12 MEXC (Futures)24566.51 BTC113734.69 BTC3310
13 Phemex (Futures)20839.82 BTC151186.31 BTC690
14 Bitfinex (Futures)15632.4 BTC1879.65 BTC880
15 BitMEX (Derivative)13326.6 BTC15104.17 BTC6313
16 WhiteBIT Futures13067.02 BTC3282.52 BTC130
17 dYdX Perpetual9908.65 BTC25869.69 BTC380
18 Bitrue (Futures)9025.52 BTC229775.31 BTC1490
19 Huobi Futures7895.2 BTC42749.26 BTC948
20 GMX Derivatives (Arbitrum)5598.98 BTC2450.9 BTC40
21 Bitforex (Futures)4811.55 BTC67665.13 BTC130
22 Kraken (Futures)4505.91 BTC4062.71 BTC10620
23 BTCEX (Futures)2409.72 BTC382717.98 BTC1450
24 CoinTR Pro (Derivatives)1529.52 BTC16444.71 BTC430
25 CoinEx (Futures)1279.35 BTC6827.44 BTC1210
26 WOO X (Futures)787.32 BTC3042.51 BTC840
27 GMX Derivatives (Avalanche)687.9 BTC240.64 BTC40
28 Kwenta Derivatives651.75 BTC1613.69 BTC410
29 Delta Exchange (Futures)614.17 BTC1567.75 BTC540
30 Crypto.com Exchange (Futures)566.21 BTC2752.99 BTC12312
31 Perpetual Protocol452.95 BTC1270.19 BTC200
32 HitBTC (Derivatives)252.68 BTC1674.45 BTC290
33 Poloniex Futures237.09 BTC279.26 BTC440
34 BigONE Futures155.92 BTC6538.82 BTC80
35 Drift Protocol147.53 BTC122.86 BTC120
36 AscendEX(BitMax) (Futures)126.87 BTC2185.24 BTC580
37 Powertrade (Derivatives)35.85 BTC6.69 BTC24
38 Opnx Derivatives26.86 BTC795.47 BTC120
39 BIT (Futures)0.04 BTC4164.84 BTC460
40 BTCC FuturesN/A275388.19 BTC532
41 BingX (Futures)N/A192682.07 BTC1520
42 XT.COM (Derivatives)N/A111168.43 BTC3350
43 Fairdesk DerivativesN/A31540.56 BTC1410
44 CME GroupN/A22832.56 BTC08
45 Toobit DerivativesN/A4694.99 BTC320
46 AQX (Derivatives)N/A3685.15 BTC2120
47 Stormgain FuturesN/A3562.27 BTC340
48 GMO Japan (Futures)N/A1970.18 BTC50
49 Bitflyer (Futures)N/A1103.55 BTC13
50 Bibox (Futures)N/A213.57 BTC270
51 Helix (Futures)N/A185.1 BTC80
52 Globe (Derivatives)N/A59.91 BTC220
53 BitZ (Futures)N/A0.0 BTC00
54 Mango Markets (Derivatives)N/A0.0 BTC00
55 BakktN/A0.0 BTC03
56 BaseFEXN/A0.0 BTC00
57 BHEX (Futures)N/A0.0 BTC00
58 HopexN/A0.0 BTC00
59 Binance JEX (Futures)N/A0.0 BTC00
60 CoinTiger (Futures)N/A0.0 BTC00
62 Liquid PerpetualsN/A0.0 BTC00
63 Bithumb (Futures)N/A0.0 BTC00
64 ZBG FuturesN/A0.0 BTC00
65 DueDEXN/A0.0 BTC00
66 MCDEX (Arbitrum)N/A0.0 BTC00
67 CoinFLEX (Futures)N/A0.0 BTC100
68 MCSN/A0.0 BTC00
69 C-TradeN/A0.0 BTC00
70 Alpha5N/A0.0 BTC00
71 MCDEX (BSC)N/A0.0 BTC00
72 SynFuturesN/A0.0 BTC00
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