• Cryptocurrencies 14078
  • Dominance BTC 50.61% ETH 15.35%
  • Market Cap $2,495,340,158,338
  • 24h Volume $98,143,006,249

Top Cryptocurrency Derivative Exchanges

List of top crypto derivatives exchages ranked by open interest and trade volume.
#Exchange24h Open Interest24h VolumePerpetualsFuturesOfficial Website
1 Binance (Futures)230501.42 BTC975394.85 BTC33944
2 Bybit (Futures)165873.8 BTC330822.94 BTC36870
3 Deepcoin (Derivatives)135053.12 BTC109553.17 BTC1090
4 Bitget Futures129216.04 BTC357959.2 BTC2660
5 BYDFi (Futures)124199.43 BTC78531.39 BTC2100
6 CoinW (Futures)84749.97 BTC540980.67 BTC850
7 OKX (Futures)82980.68 BTC354579.39 BTC228298
8 Deribit45378.6 BTC16082.52 BTC1850
9 Toobit Futures44118.45 BTC245965.27 BTC1390
10 BitVenus Futures38708.41 BTC143222.2 BTC1050
11 BingX (Futures)36226.31 BTC113657.42 BTC2530
12 Bitmart Futures35353.07 BTC170608.38 BTC1880
13 Blofin31938.5 BTC267589.66 BTC3380
14 Prime XBT30854.52 BTC2184.72 BTC380
15 CoinCatch Derivatives29717.12 BTC236520.87 BTC1870
16 KuCoin Futures29406.39 BTC25723.47 BTC3003
17 XT.COM (Derivatives)25716.74 BTC248478.68 BTC38850
18 Gate.io (Futures)24312.91 BTC48867.84 BTC4280
19 MEXC (Futures)23496.13 BTC51445.99 BTC4200
20 CoinTR Pro (Derivatives)21460.91 BTC53236.18 BTC1010
21 Bitunix Futures19682.71 BTC152122.05 BTC2000
22 Phemex (Futures)15816.87 BTC14538.24 BTC2780
23 BTSE (Futures)13468.94 BTC35461.18 BTC928
24 WhiteBIT Futures10230.73 BTC13244.81 BTC680
25 BitMEX (Derivative)8589.6 BTC10090.5 BTC13444
26 Crypto.com Exchange (Futures)6691.95 BTC30279.98 BTC15421
27 Hyperliquid6610.31 BTC20406.78 BTC1280
28 Bitfinex (Futures)6380.67 BTC2080.44 BTC890
29 Bitrue (Futures)5717.09 BTC152613.71 BTC2660
30 HTX Futures4817.04 BTC34436.72 BTC1628
31 Kraken (Futures)4773.27 BTC17697.03 BTC14759
32 dYdX Perpetual (Ethereum)4159.83 BTC7232.95 BTC380
33 Coincall3905.27 BTC2886.73 BTC1180
34 dYdX Chain (Cosmos)1685.38 BTC15931.36 BTC630
35 Drift Protocol1640.43 BTC1343.17 BTC300
36 OrangeX Futures1144.83 BTC245471.33 BTC2110
37 ApeX Pro852.43 BTC3229.57 BTC480
38 Vertex (Derivatives)782.67 BTC4277.62 BTC420
39 RabbitX677.53 BTC5370.74 BTC390
40 WOO X (Futures)616.98 BTC4856.86 BTC1890
41 CoinEx (Futures)602.37 BTC4495.29 BTC2200
42 Polynomial Trade 535.22 BTC501.37 BTC740
43 Aevo488.55 BTC1834.04 BTC800
44 DexToro406.68 BTC21.52 BTC220
45 GMX Derivatives (Avalanche)406.39 BTC79.5 BTC40
46 Blitz375.32 BTC3525.64 BTC420
47 LBank (Futures)329.26 BTC377260.18 BTC2600
48 GMX Derivatives (Arbitrum)322.65 BTC319.93 BTC40
49 Delta Exchange (Futures)307.59 BTC1084.93 BTC750
50 Coinbase International Exchange (Derivatives)255.15 BTC9743.99 BTC340
51 HitBTC (Derivatives)243.73 BTC404.87 BTC290
52 Equation163.05 BTC1558.8 BTC480
53 Helix (Futures)130.72 BTC1373.67 BTC290
54 Paradex110.33 BTC3583.11 BTC190
55 Orderly Network (Derivatives)110.08 BTC8310.77 BTC290
56 AscendEX(BitMax) (Futures)107.75 BTC14040.36 BTC840
57 Perpetual Protocol78.23 BTC38.4 BTC200
58 Stormgain Futures78.03 BTC528.1 BTC620
59 Gemini Derivatives74.88 BTC104.12 BTC140
60 Flipster60.04 BTC2076.01 BTC2400
61 Kine Protocol (Derivatives)47.99 BTC13334.84 BTC600
62 KiloEx (opBnb)44.9 BTC735.71 BTC430
63 BigONE Futures42.71 BTC67225.03 BTC160
64 Powertrade (Derivatives)39.87 BTC3.17 BTC240
65 Levana Perps (Osmosis)36.02 BTC4.79 BTC400
66 MUFEX34.6 BTC2142.4 BTC220
67 Poloniex Futures22.38 BTC10384.69 BTC140
68 Holdstation DeFutures13.19 BTC1297.39 BTC530
69 KiloEx (Manta Pacific)12.42 BTC154.83 BTC310
70 KiloEx (BSC)3 BTC18.54 BTC310
71 Demex (Derivatives)0.95 BTC67.78 BTC480
72 Fairdesk DerivativesN/A91707.39 BTC2100
73 SynFuturesN/A15160.63 BTC370
74 GMO Japan (Futures)N/A2146.43 BTC110
75 Bitflyer (Futures)N/A1298.45 BTC10
76 KTX.Finance (Arbitrum)N/A711.07 BTC50
77 Globe (Derivatives)N/A289.97 BTC770
78 KTX.Finance (BSC)N/A196.68 BTC30
79 Bibox (Futures)N/A163.57 BTC270
80 Orderly Network (Derivatives) (Near)N/A16.59 BTC40
81 BHEX (Futures)N/A0.0 BTC00
82 KTX.Finance (Mantle)N/A0.0 BTC30
83 MCDEX (BSC)N/A0.0 BTC00
84 Surf ProtocolN/A0.0 BTC250
85 BitMake FuturesN/A0.0 BTC220
86 BIT (Futures)N/A0.0 BTC290
87 OPNX DerivativesN/A0.0 BTC150
88 OX.FUNN/A0.0 BTC520
89 CME GroupN/A0.0 BTC05
90 MCDEX (Arbitrum)N/A0.0 BTC00

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